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Ways To NOT Become A Home School Teacher of the Year

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In these troubled days of the Covid 19, it seems like sending our children to school 🏫 may not be the best answer. I don't want to be a teacher at home. I tried it, but didn't like it. Is something wrong with me?

More and more parents are feeling the pressure of serving in the role of the classroom teacher. It was a lot easier to go to the meetings and bring snacks on Fridays. Now it is my responsibility by default to ensure that my child understands this stuff.

The parents are the first teachers of their children 🧒 and they have to care enough to put in the quality time necessary for their child to grow, but they also have to go to work.

Remember that we are not alone in our quest to not be "Teacher of the Year for our child." Children needs a good teacher at home who will prepare the meals, provide the resources, guide the work, enforce the schedule and keep them on task. I am just not the one to do it, but I may not have a choice. I need a plan!

Plan to Plan (#teaching at home)

It's time for you to start planning your plan. We hear that students may be #going back to #school but no one is really sure what will happen when August and September arrive. This is the time for all parents to identify a strategy to win at being a successful instructor for their child. Start with identifying the learning space in your home. Students who have a defined place to learn tend to do better. Is there are room or section of the house that you can set-aside (preferably without TV)? Are there resources like a new computer, internet service, headphones, etc. that would make the #learning more effective? Keep your child on a schedule throughout the #summer so that it will not be as difficult to start a new regiment. Many schools provide some type of #technology program that extends throughout the summer which students can access at #home. Ensure that your child stays engaged at least 2 hours per week now. Identify books at the library and visit the book store to keep the summer #learning going. Develop a learning #schedule so that your child is accustomed to rising early and getting plenty of sleep. Get your child involved in virtual learning activities and competitive events like Mathfest.

When you are creating your plan for extending your child's education at home, remember to factor in your job requirements into your plan. How will you complete your task and provide supervision for your child? Perhaps neighbors should gather and swap care times, maybe a sitter or place where you can drop your child may be the answer. These are the questions that you should explore now. It's never too early to crisis plan!

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