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Dr. Boykins has served as district superintendent, principal, and national consultant/training.  He led trajectory changes which enabled his New York district to earn its 5 year renewal after being declared among the worst in the state before his arrival. Selected numerous time to present his improvement strategies at national conferences like NCTM, ASCD, and others.  His achievements in math are deep with increases in student achievement on the PARCC Assessment exceeding 200%  and high potential recognitions by over 300%.  National School of the Year, Top Math & Science School, State Math Champs and other awards have been presented to include Distinguished Title 1 School for 7 years.  The latest accomplishment for this former military officer has been to  create a math  initiative to peak the interest and build math interest for 65,000+. 

With the creation of his Virtual MathFest, Dr. Boykins' goal is  to expand the excitement for math across the country to reach over 2.5 million students to refocus  the importance of math and math oriented careers.  He encourages all math educators to join him and his team as they work to change achievement , thus, preparing our children to meet the rigor necessary for future math success. 


What We Deliver:

  • Incredible fun with math

  • Motivational events brought to elementary and middle schools across the country

  • Skill challenge appropriate for all grades 1st-8th

  • Opportunities for thousands to participate at each level

  • Proven record of improving math achievement & skills

  • Creative platform of events that engage youth for math

  • Focus on state and national standards

  • Competitive events open to all children regardless of academic level

  • Deep motivation for math

  • Parent engagement and support for math

Why Participate in our Math Events?

By the time students leave elementary and middle school,  lots of kids already know that they are not good in math. Parents, teachers and other educational staff members can change this response by getting students involved early in math events that will peak their interest and push them to work harder. Students are drawn towards enrichment activities with a competitive element much more than they are to others that don't feature these components.  


Our Divisional, Regional, and National Events are an effective solution.  We place a strong emphasis on  math fun, team building, and competition.  These events are unlike any math competitions you have ever attended.  Join us as we work to impact math achievement across the country.

"We believe that kids can be excited about math with the right environment, support, and motivation"


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