About Us

Why Participate in our Math Arena Events?

By the time students leave elementary and middle school,  lots of kids already know that they are not good in math.   Parents, teachers and other educational staff members can change this response by getting students involved early in math events that will peak their interest and push them to work harder.  Students are drawn towards enrichment activities with a competitive element much more than they are to others that don't feature these components.  


Our Divisional, Regional, and National Events are an effective solution.  We place a strong emphasis on  math fun, team building, and competition.  These events are unlike any math competitions you have ever attended.  Join us as we work to impact math achievement across the country.


What Makes Us Unique?

Our number one goal is to bring excitement to a subject that many students consider too challenging and very uninviting.  Yes, we bring the excitement to math.  Our unique style which combines motivation, music, competitive techniques, current math standards, prep materials, parents, and students together is unlike anything you have ever seen.  There is only one way for students to get better in math and that is to practice.  To practice, however, they must be motivated.  The current techniques being used to motivate our child are insufficient. 


The math events started 2004 with students from one Georgia Elementary School that showed the impact of adding competitive academic events as a way to improve student motivation and achievement.  Although the test scores soared, this school developed a new hunger for math that led to the creation of an event that would grow to serve tens of thousands. 

Our children across the  country need  a new reason to get engaged in their own studies in math.  We have developed two different competitions that stretch the academic skills and preparation of students.  Our team event put students in small groups to solve critical thinking questions.  Our large group event requires students to use their speed and accuracy to solve math problems.  In both competitive events, we mix the motivation and excitement of the large crowds, music, and math success to qualify our top participants to advance.  As students move to high levels, their math skill and practice also increase, thus, preparing them to meet the rigor necessary for math success. 

"We believe that kids can be excited about math with the right environment, support, and motivation"

What We Deliver:

  • Incredible fun with math

  • Motivational events brought to elementary and middle schools across the country

  • Skill challenge appropriate for all grades 1st-8th

  • Opportunities for thousands to participate at each level

  • Proven record of improving math achievement & skills

  • Creative platform of events that engage youth for math

  • Focus on state and national standards

  • Competitive events open to all children regardless of academic level

  • Deep motivation for math

  • Parent engagement and support for math


About Our Founder

Dr. Ron Boykins has dedicated over 15 years to developing MathFest Competitions around the United States. As a child, math was not his strength and he struggled to find ways to become motivated about completing his math assignments.

Over the years, he has built strategies and systems to help students with the same struggle to be a part of an environment that instills motivation and skill sharpening. This is how MathFest was formed! His mission is to provide students with the skills that they can use not only in the classroom but carry with them into adulthood.

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