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7 Ways to keep students academically engaged over the summer

It's easy to let our kids become #couch #potatoes 🥔 over the summer. The difficult thing is to develop a #strategy without #losing your mind and getting the dreaded looks from your child when you suggest that it's time for #academic #work. Step 1. Take inventory of the things in which your child already has an #interest. Step 2. #Think out of the box and begin to look at the #positive components of this interest. #Develop a new interest for yourself. For example, my child really likes #video #games

but I hate the #time that he spends on them. Once I observed his deep interest from a different perspective, I started a conversation to learn more about these games. Step 3. #Monetized the interest. I started asking about the game maker and #challenged my son to learn about the history of this particular game and the game maker. We started to #review sales and the #profit that game makers get from their product. We talked about #percent, growth #forecast, etc. Step 4. Involve reading and research in the task. As my child started to research something that he really liked, it was so different because he had an interest. He started on the computer then we moved up to the book store to get more books about video games. #Reading #comprehension is reading comprehension. Step 5. Encourage your child to become a #developer by understanding the #coding aspect of the game. I challenged him and I even became interested myself. Step 6. Try to get other members of the family involved in the task and #adventure of #learning about the game. Step 7. Explore the #career #opportunities involved with technology and help your child to see the advantages of learning through his device. We are now thinking about hosting some game #competitions, charging entry fees and providing awards. Not bad for a couch potato.

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