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May 8th

Link to the Events

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National MathFest Schedule of Events 

 7:30-8:15         1st Grade Championship

 8:30-9:15         2nd Grade Championship

 9:30-10:15       8th Grade Championship 10:30-11:15      7th Grade Championship 11:30-12:15      6th Grade Championship 12:30-1:15        3rd Grade Championship

1:30-2:15          4th Grade Championship

2:30-3:15          5th Grade Championship

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What's Required?
  1. Computer and phone

  2. Students will use the app that has already been downloaed

  3. Use computer to login on competition day.  Questions will be online via computer link 

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Who Can Participate?
  1. Only selected students (see front page of website for names. 

  2. Students register when they log into the Zoom on competition day. 

How Many Champions?
  1. All students who participate are winners

  2. Only 1 student per grade level will be crowned as National Champ

  3. All students will receive a participation prize

The National Championship is for select students ONLY .  

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