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Can We Please Stop Paying for the Free Stuff?

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

It's time for us to start saving our money by stopping the habit of paying for things that are free. I am amazed by the businesses that make money selling us stuff that we could get for ourselves with a little work and effort.

Entrepreneurs are springing up everyday, but with big ideas and limited funds the challenge of building your business gets tough. These new business are establishing new trends that will change our country and they need additional capital to make dreams come true.

Do you mind during the research if you can save dollars for your business? Are you willing to share ideas and/or meet with other entrepreneurs to barter services? If you answered yes, then put your money back in your pocket.

Steps to Keep Your Money In Your Pocket.

When you start your business, there are so many other companies and individuals that are ready to come to your aide for a price. They come with ideas to help you incorporate or to file your nonprofit form 1023 (501c3), which you can file on your own. I know that the state and IRS charge fees, but there are other companies that will file for you for a fee. They will ask you all of the pertinent questions, then they file on your behalf. You pay twice, their fees plus the state/federal fees. I don't like it. Before you pay one penny to another company, find examples on Google and walk yourself through the process. It took me about 90 minutes to file for a nonprofit, but my friend paid $500. I felt bad for her because I knew that her company needed the money. There is no stimulus money coming for most of us so we better save the limited dollars that we have.

There are website building companies and programmers that will build a website for you, but you are better off to signup with a company like Wix and get a template (a base website that is built for you to change the content and replace with your information). Need software designed or an app made and you don't have a lot of money, try programs like freelancer. Freelancer will let you specify your project and get quality programmers to bid for your project. You will get programmers from all over the world and you decide how much to pay. Need a new logo, then go to 48hours logo. Describe what you like and programmers will take your idea and turn it into magic for you. You will get your project done in pdf, jpeg, vector, etc. Regardless of your needs for your logo, Freelancer's Programmers can get you quality for about $75. What if you need quality desktop publishing? You need to go to Poster My Wall. This site has thousands of beautiful poster designs that you can edit and download. They put a small watermark at the bottom, but the cost is Free. For $6 per month, you can get unlimited edits to the huge volume of pre-designed works without the watermark. You select, edit, download and use to communicate your messages in style. There are many marketing professionals who will manage all of your social media accounts. They will schedule posts and monitor any responses to your media items. Any time that your organization or posts are mentioned anywhere in the social media world, they will id it for you. If you need to track a specific topic, they can perform this task for you. I was offered this service for only $249 per month. Don't do it! Visit Hootsuite and setup a $29 a month account and you get all of this and more.

As you work to build your dream, don't be afraid to go the extra mile and conduct a little research. Don't be so quick to give away your most valuable resource. It's your business to stay in business! If you have more ideas of ways to save money for business owners, please share your lessons learned with us.

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