Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get my child ready for the competition?  

The math that we use is similar to the math that the state already wants your students to master.  Practice, practice, practice.  We have included problems for you on the Regional Page. 

Can my child participate in more than one Qualifying Event if he/she does not qualify on the first attempt?  

Yes, all events are open to ANY 1st -8th Grade Student who registers.


What type of math problems will be used? 

We want all students to experience success, however, we want to extend their skill development in math.  Most questions are word problems that involve calculations.  There are no multiple choice questions. At the 1st Grade Level, the problems include fewer words and more calculations.   Samples problems will be posted by mid October.  These samples will be posted at the bottom of our Events Page. 


Are awards presented to students? 

At the State-wide and Regional Levels, students earn Invitations to the next level.    We provide medals and trophies at the National MathFest.  


How long has MathFest (Championship Series) been around? 

The first competition was conducted at Clayton State University in 2005.  Since that time, tens of thousands of students have been involved in our competitive events.


Where will the National Championship be held?  

The National  will held in Birmingham, Alabama. Participation is by invitation only and students will advance from the Atlanta or Little Rock Regional Events.   

Why should my child participate in math competitions?  

Competitive events provide students an opportunity to improve their skills especially when the competition include motivational support for math.  We believe that events like this MathFest give kids a new reason to engage in building their own math skills.  Thousands of students will experience success at our competition.


If a student wants to participate in both individual and team competition, is he/she allowed to do so?

Students are allowed and encouraged to participate in both competitions.  They do not occur at the same time so it is easy for students at each grade level to do both.


Does a student need to pay to participate in any events.  

We have worked hard to eliminate fees.  It is costly to rent facilities and send a travel team to conduct the events on a limited budget.    We ask that you help us secure grant funds to assist in sponsoring these events.  At this point, there is no cost for any student to participate in any of our events.   


If students of a group are of different ages, will you allow them to participate in group competition?  

Students are expected to participate in the group competition with others from their grade level.  It is possible for a group to be mixed with students from 2 different grades.  Remember that the group competition consists of 2-3. 

At what grade level should homeschool students participate?

Students should participate according to the grade they would attend if they were in public school.  

What is the last day to register?  

The last day to register varies per event, however,  there are a limited amount of slots at each grade level.  

What is Mathbating?  

It is a competition where students work together in groups of 2-3 students solving critical thinking questions.   The Team works on the problem for 5 minutes then the Moderator will check each group to check their work.   There are normally 8 to 10 questions per session.    At the conclusion of the event, the student with the most correct answers will advance to the next level.  Based on the time allotted  at each venue, this competition may or may not occur. 

I need to know the topics and standards to be covered in the problems as well as some practice problems.

For competition beginning prior to December 2019, we will begin with last year standards.  Remember that the math we cover is similar to the math that the State already wants you to teach. Some sample problems are also posted.

Do we need to arrive at 8:00 a.m. if our competition session is hours later?  

You do not need to be there for the morning orientation.  Just arrive about 60 minutes prior to competition time.

Why do I see Math Arena and MathFest?  Are they the same? We are working to improve our program offerings by adding more support and opportunities for math improvement.  Our MathFest, market place, support materials, and motivational items help us to deliver a more comprehensive approach to improving math. We are now referring to our comprehensive focus as the  Math Arena.  This branding identification will assist us as parents and schools try to locate our competition and service responses.