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Our Invitational Events are open to any student in 1st-8th Grade

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Events are for all student math levels!

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PARTICIPATE In an Invitational 

REGISTER.  All students who participate in any of our events must register.  There is a small registration fee.   

Supplies that will be needed:  Phone with app, computer, paper, 2 pencils. 

NO Calculators. 


DOWNLOAD APP. Go to the Virtual MathFest Page to download the app so that you can record your answers during the event. The app should be downloaded at least 2 weeks prior to the event.   

FOLLOW SCHEDULE. Please follow the  Event Schedule and login to the Zoom Link at least 30 minutes prior to your event. Zoom links will be active 48 hours prior to the scheduled event.  To access the Competition for your date, Click the Zoom Link to Join the session: 


                          1st Grade Link

2nd Grade Link

3rd Grade Link

4th Grade Link

5th Grade Link

6th Grade Link

7th Grade Link

8th Grade Link 





Links For MathFest

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Virtual MathFest Events

We make participating in our math competitive events easier for your students.  Since the event is virtual, students may participate and still remain in a safe environment. This year, we will expand our reach with students participating throughout the country.   

Advantages of  a Virtual MathFest:

  • Students stay engaged with math

  • Participants can compete at home or at school

  • No travel expenses

  • Fun for all students

  • More awards presented via mail

  • Android or Iphone can be used 

  1. Computer and phone

  2. Students will download app (iphone or android)

  3. Use computer to login on competition day.  Questions will be online via computer link 

  1. Any student in 1st-8th Grade may participate 

  2. Students must register and download app

  1. At least 60% of participants will progress to the next Round

  2. Students who do not advance may participate in other events scheduled

  3. Award are earned at the Regionals and National.

Invitational MathFest Events are Open to all students.  Click Here