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Invitational Mathfest
our champions! 


We have developed a series of motivational math events for 1st-8th grade students in public, private, charter, and home school programs. This alternative teaching strategy generates tremendous interest and enthusiasm about math while reinforcing existing mathematics curriculum. Elementary and middle school students are engaged by the combination of learning and friendly competition in a sports-like environment.

Our motivational math program includes several components: Virtual and in person math events, Marketplace for student entrepreneurs, staff development, school improvement manuals and math skills development products.  

Join our community of math learners. We welcome your ideas, creativity, and resources as we work to bring a new excitement to math for our children!


Our MathFest Competition is one of the largest initiatives advancing student excellence in math through motivation and skills development. Our formula is simple, yet effective. In order for students to get better in math, they have to practice. To consistently practice, however, requires motivation.  Across the country we have insisted on the practice, but have done little to get our kids to see value, fun, and long lasting need for math. From students with little interest and remedial skills to the math masters, all students can be high achievers in math if they are willing to put in the work. 


Our goal to bring excitement to a subject that many students consider too challenging and uninviting.  Our unique style which combines motivation, music, competitive techniques, current math standards, prep materials, parents, and students together is unlike anything you have ever seen.  Our children across the country need a new reason to get engaged in their own studies in math.  Our program fills this gap!


"Awesome event. It has definitely inspired my kids to further embrace math, while having fun!"

Looking to Get Your Group Involved in our Virtual Competitions?

Our Team is conducting Virtual Motivational Math Events throughout the country. Maintain your social distance and still get involved in the largest math event in the country. To schedule your child, team or school, enter your information below:

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