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Location of the Regional?

The Regional will be held on March 23, 2019 at Forest Park High School located 5452 Phillips Dr, Forest Park, GA 30297.  There will be events held in both gymnasiums and there will be waiting areas in the cafeteria.  Students will need their Purple Regional Shirt and Invitation for the event.   There will be plenty of concessions options for all guests. 


How can the Regional help you improve math achievement on your campus?

Once students earn their invitation to the Regional,  you should use this advancement as justification for more rigorious and challenging math work.  The Regional standards will be tougher, thus students need to do more to prepare.  The top 60% of students will advance to the National Event in Birmingham where the standards will be even tougher. 

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It's time to get excited about math!

About Our Founder

Dr. Ron Boykins has dedicated over 22 years as Superintendent, College Assistant Professor, and Principal.  He has developed programs around the United States to improve math and science achievement. As a child, math was not his strength and he struggled to find ways to become motivated about completing his math assignments.

Over the years, he has built strategies and systems to help students with the same struggle to be a part of an environment that instills motivation and skill sharpening. This is how MathFest was formed! Dr. Boykins' mission is to provide students with the skills that they can use not only in the classroom but carry with them into adulthood.  This math initiative is the most exciting math programming in the country. 


We invite you to join us as we work to change math achievement by making the subject fun for all students. 


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