The best way to improve math skills is to Practice!

Competition Prep


1. To be good you have to practice.  Get a copy of a math book at your child's grade level and practice speed & accuracy.  Your child will need a dry erase board and maker.  Practice by giving problems with a time for completion. Require your child to work problems on the dry erase board.

2.  Review the standards for each grade.  A copy of all standards are availble  (Click Standards to left).

3.  Do a lot of problems.  The more you do, the better you will get.

4.  Mastery of multiplication tables will be key especially for grades 3rd-6th.  Speed & Acuracy. Word problems include caculations that will call on this skill.

5.  At the competition, students will get problems on a sheet and will work only one problem at a time.  Students, however, will not know which question to work until the Moderator specifies the problem and work time (approximately 2-3 minutes for each problem. Some problems will be given more time because of difficulty level).  


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Need more practice materials, we recommend the Jumpstarts Practice Books.  Pickup at Walmart or Amazon.

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Note:  For competitions before Jan. 2018, we will use standards of prior grade to be fair to students.